BBC website goes over budget

I love the BBC website. I use the iPlayer to catch up with programmes I’ve missed (occupational hazard of being out campaigning most nights). And I use the news site every day (sometimes on my phone). Now the website has become the news, for having gone colossally over budget.

I don’t begrudge the BBC the licence fee if it’s being spent on good quality media; that’s the point. But given the state of the economy, it’s the worst possible time for public bodies to let their budgets get out of control.

After all, the poor families in Islington who struggle to pay their TV license are not the ones, by and large, benefitting from these exciting new media.



  1. JC said

    Yes I agree. The BBC web site I always use when researching information on topics I use in my writing. It has everything I need from entertainment – world disasters and other important issues.

  2. Pedant said

    It’s a TV licence not a TV license.

  3. bridgetfox said

    Thanks Pedant, now corrected.

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