Islington recycles this weekend

A couple of green-oriented community events coming up this weekend…

On Saturday, there’s a recycling litter pick around Caledonian Road. It’s actually the 5th anniversary of the first such litter pick in the area, back on Saturday 17 May 2003 , in which I took part. A recycling litter pick is more than just filling your bag with rubbish; we each had a material to gather, whether cans, paper, bottles or plastic, with someone bringing up the rear to collect the unrecyclable stuff. Organiser Kirsty Burns, who is behind the local TimeBank, asks people to meet at 12:30 Caledonian Road tube to take part.

And over the weekend, the Amwell Society is encouraging residents in its area to take part in a doorstep recycling event. They suggest that “if you have things you no longer need that have life left in them, put them on your doorstep” with a notice produced by the Society “and watch those old things become other people’s treasures“. The Amwell area is one of London’s villages, with a strong community (and is home to UnPackaged), so an ideal neighbourhood for this kind of event.


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