Barnsbury Square: the verdict

It’s not good news. The Council has not been successful in its action challenging the Planning Inspectorate, and the High Court has ruled in support of the Inspector’s decision to grant planning permission. This means that the planning permission for the controversial glass house on Barnsbury Square can be implemented.

One tiny bit of comfort is that although the council taxpayer will have to pick up the Treasury Solicitors’ costs, the developer asked for costs as well but did not get them.

It was always going to be hard to win this one at the High Court. You can only challenge on the procedure, not the outcome. But in taking the case, the Council did show it was on the side of local residents who have fought a long and hard battle to keep the heart of Barnsbury special.

Like protected bits of countryside, city conservation areas are not just for the people lucky enough to live there. They are for all of us to appreciate and enjoy.


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