Aid from above?

Although I mostly work from home here in Islington, every few weeks I go into my firm’s Chesham office, and combine it with calling in on my parents. This week for a change, they dropped by for a cup of tea on their way to a concert at the Royal Festival Hall, in aid of tsunami relief.

Ever active, Mum & Dad have gone straight from helping me on polling day to organising the Christian Aid Week collections in their neighbourhood, something they’ve done for decades. Christian Aid is one of the groups supporting the work of the Disaster Emergency Committee so this year it’s timelier than ever.

The news from both China and Burma is grim. But while China is keen to show itself as open to international help, Burma’s military leaders are still refusing to allow in foreign aid. Like the French government, the Liberal Democrats are calling for intervention by air – to drop aid not bombs – while the Labour government holds back. What a contrast to Iraq.

I don’t always agree with Islington resident and Labour-leaning journo Nick Cohen; but on Burma he’s absolutely right.

Burma’s rightful leader and international heroine Aung San Suu Kyi is calling for international action “including air drops of relief supplies” if necessary. But is the Government listening?


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  1. Alice said

    Did they enjoy the concert? I found it very moving indeed.

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