Essex Road Post Office: judgement day is nigh….

Now that the election ‘purdah’ is out of the way, we’re expecting an announcement very shortly on the future of Essex Road Post Office.

I’m hoping against hope that it’s good news. Local people & I have worked so hard to save it. We launched our first petition nearly a year ago. Since then, as well as our 5,000+ signature petition, the Save Essex Road Post Office campaign has held a rally complete with video on YouTube. We have enlisted the support of the local newspapers, the local Council and the celebrity OAP singers the Zimmers. We have set up a dedicated campaign website and a Facebook group. We have taken our protests to Islington Town Hall and to Downing Street.

My submission to the Post Office on behalf of the Save Essex Road Post Office campaign made objections on the following grounds

Islington is the 8th most deprived borough in the UK
Essex Road Post Office serves a cluster of elderly person’s homes & sheltered housing
Essex Road Post Office provides the only banking counter on Essex Road and serves a thriving business community
Essex Road is Islington’s most accessible post office building both as a building and in terms of transport links and parking; closing it could be a breach of the Disability Discrimination Act. At Upper St, wheelchair users have to be served in the street….
Islington has already lost over 10 sub post offices thanks to the Government’s closure programme
– the remaining post offices are all too busy to cope if Essex Road closes
Islington’s population is growing, it’s madness to close another main post office now.

Islington residents do not want Essex Road Post Office to close. Have the Post Office listened? Have we lived up to our name and Saved Essex Road Post Office? Watch this space….


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