Suck it and see

Working from home suits me, but one of the things you miss are the goodies people bring in – especially as I still get the circular emails announcing them.

Today’s treat was ‘gourmet lollipops’ from See’s Candies, courtesy of Judith, one of our US colleagues. And for once I was in the office to try one.

My butterscotch toffee lollipop had a wonderful caramel scent and burnt sugar taste. Only one problem. The toffee is a generous-sized cube and rock hard.

What is the office etiquette for these things? Hold it in your left hand while doing one finger typing? Stick it in your mouth and hope the phone doesn’t ring? Find a toffee-proof surface to put it down?

Anyway they are delicious sweets, and if you want to test your own toffee eating technique, you can get hold of them here.


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