On the stump for Brian

We really seem to have had four seasons in a week this last week, talk about campaigning in all weathers. But as the nominations close for the London elections on 1st May, there is also a change in the political climate towards Labour and Mayor Ken Livingstone.

As a loyal Lib Dem, naturally I’m backing Brian Paddick. But what’s refreshing about campaigning for him is how Brian is reaching out to lots of different people, not all of them natural Lib Dem voters.

I’ve been door knocking and phoning residents across Lib Dem and Labour held wards in Islington this week, many different people with different views; but a uniting factor is dislike of the Mayor and a lively interest in how best to replace him. And for many of the them, the answer is not Boris or Berry but Brian.

The Greens have done themselves no favours by forming an electoral pact with Labour, when much of their recent electoral success has been by picking up anti-Labour protest votes.

Even habitual Labour cheerleaders, like Nick Cohen (an Islington resident), are warming to Brian. Writing in the Evening Standard, Cohen says “if you want a candidate who can reform the police, take a Leftish stand on social, environmental and economic issues and beat the Conservatives, then Paddick, not Livingstone, is your man.”

At a friend’s party last night, one group was exchanging football trivia, as you do… The question that had us all stumped was “What is the highest altitude (professional) football ground in England?” For the answer, according to friend Bill, click here.

Meanwhile, the question that’s stumping them on the doorsteps is “Who is your GLA member here in London North East? and what have they ever done for you?”


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