Cold comfort as British Gas rakes in the profits

More news on British Gas today. The Chief Exec of British Gas’ parent company Centrica is now earning £5,100 a day. His £23k pay rise is itself a reward for the 40% increase in operating profits for the company. All this at a time when, as Nick Clegg has been highlighting in Parliament, 4.5 million households currently live in fuel poverty, spending at least 10 per cent of their income on meeting energy costs.

Last month, Richard & I upped the energy saving round the house. We’ve put foam strips round the back door and stuck film inside some of the windows. And in some excellent news from Homes for Islington, we’ve recently heard that they are going to insulate our cavity walls – and get the utility companies to pay; so no extra cost to leaseholders. Until then, working from home, with the weather so cold, I’ve had the heating on most of the day. Luckily I can afford it. But what is the Government doing about those who can’t?


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