Postal voting

MPs vote today on post office closures. Last time there was a vote – January 2007 – Labour MPs (including Islington’s Emily Thornberry and Jeremy Corbyn) dutifully voted the pro-closure party line “enabling Post Office Ltd to determine the future shape of the network within clear government rules”.
Since then we’ve seen MPs, even Ministers, claiming they didn’t think that meant their post office in their constituency. No wonder public confidence in politicians is at an all-time low. The vote couldn’t be more topical for Islington; the consultation on local closures ends in a couple of weeks’ time. So we’ll be watching how our MPs vote this time with great interest.



  1. Bob said

    Come off it – this is completely misleading. Nobody save the most partisan observer could ever read this as a vote for post office closures. If it was, do you really think Jeremy Corbyn, who votes against the Government line as often as he votes for it, would have voted in favour?

  2. bridgetfox said

    A fair point about Jeremy Corbyn. So what do you make of last night’s vote, where Jeremy and 19 other Labour MPs did rebel; and Emily Thornberry did not.

    Few MPs rebel on everything. Backbenchers can and do rebel on issues that are particularly important to them or to their constituency. Are we to conclude that Post Offices just aren’t that important to Ms Thornberry?

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