What should Ed have said?

Maybe I was only half-awake but I felt a bit frustrated by Ed Davey’s comments on the Today programme this morning re the Lisbon Treaty debate.

Normally Ed is excellent at getting the key message out of any story. This morning he was up against a Labour Euro-sceptic backbencher and managed to sound as if he was defending not only the Treaty – Ed made good points on fighting terrorism, crime and pollution – but also the Government’s handling of it.

In the same way that all quiz questions are easy when you’re at home yelling at the TV, I found myself thinking of my ideal response.

There are things in the Treaty that are in Britain’s best interests, so we are voting for them

However there should be proper debate; this arrogant government won’t even listen to its own backbench MPs

In fact we need a real debate on the real issue: Europe in or out, and let the people not just MPs have their say.

Is the Government listening? Don’t hold your breath.


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