Tale of two plumbers

We have a ‘one thing a month’ approach to doing up the flat, partly for our sanity, partly for the bank manager’s. The problem is deciding which thing to do.

Last year we ordered a new sofa and had the living room redecorated. The carpet was going to be the next thing, so the books are still not back in the bookcases. But then on Christmas day, the oven door came off its hinges (great timing) so that went to the top of the list. Until the washing machine packed up. Laundry trumps oven, especially as the hob still works. So Thursday was delivery day for the new washing machine.

Maurice from Angel Plumbers arrived bright and early to disconnect the old machine. He also fitted a new kitchen tap and stopcock valve which needed upgrading. The new washing machine was delivered by lunchtime and everything seemed fine.

Roll foward to 6pm and I go into the bedroom to get ready for the HACAN meeting. Water is dripping on my head, coming from a crack across the whole ceiling. How can that happen from a new kitchen tap? It can’t. Forget getting changed, I rush to get buckets and towels, then rouse my upstairs neighbour to turn off his water. Luckily he was in. It turns out he too had a plumber out today, to fix his central heating. What are the odds? A valve under the boiler hadn’t been fixed properly, hence the leak.

After two nights on the sofabed, the bedroom has dried out. Now we just have to sort out the insurance so we can get the ceiling redecorated.

Looks like that carpet will have to wait a bit longer.


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