Guardian blog

I’m excited that I’ve been asked to blog regularly for the Guardian, sharing my views and experiences from the campaign trail.

I grew up with the Guardian and of course the paper’s HQ is based in Farringdon, so it’s a great pleasure to be writing for them now. Both the Guardian and Islington have their fair share of stereotypes, so I hope to challenge some of those. Not least the idea that either ‘Guardian reader’ or ‘Islington resident’ is a synonym for ‘Labour voter’.

In the late 1980s I studied Information Science at what was then North London Poly, based in Highbury Grove. We campaigned for Freedom of Information, and wrote about using computers to improve access to information; all this at a time when the college computer was a monster in the basement, taking up more room than the average student bedsit.

Now we finally have a Freedom of Information Act and are living in a Web 2.0 world; but too much political communication is still one-way.

Websites like Guardian Unlimited have done a great job in opening up debate to everyone. So I hope my blog will be a real two-way experience.

Anyway, it will be appearing every Wednesday and you can read my first blogspot here.


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