Save Essex Road Post Office: update

A great range of groups, from local shops to Age Concern, from small businesses to church groups, are now backing my Save Essex Road Post Office campaign. Zimmers singers Dolores Murray and Rita Roberts, who use the Essex Road Post Office regularly, are fully behind the campaign and have been busy collecting petition signatures. The Council is on board too. It’s clear no-one in our community wants Essex Road Post Office to close.

So I’m angry and disappointed about the arrogance of the response from the Prime Minister’s office to the protest letter sent in by my fellow campaigner, Dolores Murray of the Zimmers. Last year the Zimmers recorded a cover version of My Generation to highlight the way older people get sidelined. They’re not for messing with. Dolores wrote to Gordon Brown; the reply from Downing Street is long on jargon and short on relevance.
It says ‘To ensure sustainability, there will need to be up to 2,500 compensated post office closures within the defined access criteria….Post Office Limited will need to take into account local factors.. such as local geography, rivers, mountains, etc…. Post Office Ltd has stated that no area will be subject to more than one round of closures… ’ and concludes ‘The Government’s policy framework will enable Post Office Ltd to evolve to meet changing customer expectations and rise to the on-going challenges of doing business in today’s marketplace”.

Gordon Brown can’t pass the buck. He started these cuts when he was Chancellor; and now he’s Prime Minister, Islington is still suffering. The reply from Downing Street says Islington will only face one round of closures. That’s a lie. We’ve already seen ten local offices close since 1999. And the Post Office themselves are warning they may announce further closure plans later this month. To talk about rivers and mountains is just an insult. What does he expect the Zimmers’ next hit to be – ‘River deep, mountain high’?

It’s not too late to get your objections in to Post Office Ltd. You can send them Post Office Ltd at or call 0845 7223 344.


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