Save Essex Road Post Office

This week we’ve heard the bombshell news that the Post Office is going ahead with plans to close Essex Road Post Office.

Islington residents have lost 10 branches since 2000. In 2007, we heard rumours that Essex Road might be the next to go. We collected hundreds of signatures, saying Essex Road must stay open.

Now in 2008, Labour’s New Year gift to Islington is to announce proposals to close Essex Road Post Office, despite local views.

It is a total betrayal of the local residents and businesses who depend on Essex Road Post Office. Post Office branches at Southgate Road and St Peter Street have already closed, with customers told to use Essex Road instead.
What’s more, Essex Road is a Crown post office, part of the core network. If the Government allow Essex Road to close, then no post office is safe.

Don’t expect any help from our local MP. Emily Thornberry, the Labour MP for Islington South & Finsbury, voted in favour of the Post Office closure programme. So Post Office bosses may think she speaks for Islington residents. She doesn’t!
Closing Essex Road Post Office is a crazy idea and one I’ll fight all the way. I’ve already put our petition up online.

The Government and Post Office say that that no-one will be more than a mile from a post office. That’s simply not good enough. On that logic, pensioners from Essex Road would have to go to Hackney.
Emily Thornberry may think it’s OK for people to ‘go the extra mile’ for the Post Office. Liberal Democrats do not.


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