Those subtitles again…

This time on Sky News.

Lewis Hamilton ”getting the feel of his new calf”. And President Bush in Israel, “feeling at his most domestic”. Foreign affairs, yes, of course he would. That was swiftly corrected to “optimistic”.

But I’m still worrying about Lewis’ leg. Or baby cow. Or both.



  1. Edis said

    Still nothing beats the warm memory of the subtitles for ‘Charles and Di’s Wedding’ all those years age (I think on Channel 4) which gave us the ‘Dupe of Ed in Barrow’ walking over the ‘Redcar Pet’ while lady Di (as then was) ‘Foamed out of the Class Coach’.

    Thankfully a record of these subtitles hasn’t been subpoenad for ‘The Current Inquest’. Lord know what a certain conspiracy-loving London shopkeeper would make of references to ‘The Pinch of Whales’ .

  2. Bridget said

    Very true, Edis!

    Having a grandmother and mother both hard of hearing, I grew up on subtitles. They are often an entertainment in themselves…

    Do you support the campaign to get reduced TV license for Deaf people? See and for more information.

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