Rail survey hits the spot

You couldn’t make it up. Last night we took the rail survey to local stations, expecting them to be busy as usual. At Essex Road station, services were suspended because of power cuts. At Canonbury, the London Overground trains were running so late that passengers had plenty of time to fill in the surveys while waiting. Meanwhile the Northern and Victoria lines were both suffering signal failures. All this on a night that Arsenal were playing Spurs at home.

Standing in the cold shoving bits of paper at harried commuters is not an obvious way to spend your evening (especially competing with the pros giving out free papers). But with rail and tube services in meltdown, people were only too happy to give us their views. And the forms are already coming back.

Typical answers:
Q. How many times in the last month have you been delayed?
A: Too many to count!

Q: How well do you think the Mayor is improving the tube?
A: Not well enough to represent the cost of travel in London

Q: Do you think train companies would provide a better service if their franchises were changed?
A: No – renationalise them!

We only launched the survey this week, so look forward to more responses over the next few weeks.


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