Merry Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all over the house, nothing was stirring, except Bridget’s mouse. And keyboard.

The rest of the household is asleep, the presents are wrapped, and I’ve done as much food prep as I can for now. So I’m off to bed then up early to peel potatoes and stuff the turkey before church.

I’ve blogged before about subtitles. Today there was a (Christmas) cracker on BBC News 24. “Across the world, Christians are preparing to celebrate the birth of jeers”. So conscious that I may indeed be inviting the birth of jeers, may I wish you a very happy Christmas; full of the faith of Joseph, the joy of Mary and the peace of the Christ child.



  1. Dominic said

    … and a few more Xmas cards to deliver on Boxing Day!

    Hope you all had a great day

  2. michael read said

    Haven’t you left the borough, yet?

    People don’t want Thornberry but the bad news for you is that they don’t want you either, if not with a greater passion than the sitting MP.

    You screwed up the roads. You screwed up the parking. You are disliked. You got booted out at the national and local elections. And you are irredemeebably associated with that the “man who thought Islington was his company” – Mr Hitchens.

    Yet you’re still hanging around, hanging on to the sympathy of a knackered party.

    Do a favour for the Liberal Democrats. Piss off.

    Jyoti Vaja could walk it just on the fact of her smile. Yes, she does a real one. People believe it and are prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt. She ticks all the boxes that you don’t.

    And if that useless twerp Kempton could commit to cutting council tax in a Conservative manner – as he seems to be suggesting in the latest issue of the Tribune – then Vaja is a shoe-in.

    A man has got to know his limitations, according to Clint.

    Why is it taking you so long to understand your’s?

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