Out with the old…

Last New Year’s Eve, looking at the dark pink walls inherited from the previous owner of the flat, and full of the boozy optimism of the season, I resolved that by 2008, it would have been redecorated. Life then intervened for a few months but we finally got round to it this month.

All last week our decorator, the very excellent Delia Mitchell, was busy ladling on the new, cream paint; she’s a former senior bod in the Probation Service now doing painting, so our tea-break chats were more stimulating than some, covering everything from dress-making to Dawkins, green living, is email a boon or a curse (discuss) and why raising the school-leaving age is barmy. And the paint job looks great.

On Tuesday Ecojunk took away the last of the old suite; and on Saturday the new sofa is due to arrive. We ordered it during the July sales and it’s been in the warehouse ever since. I hope it still looks the way I remember it…. Carpet will have to wait until next year for reasons of sanity (the bank manager’s as much as mine) but the room’s all looking light and lovely.

In the meantime the seating arrangements are a choice of cushions on the floor or Richard’s inflatable chair which seems to have a slow leak. So it’s a question of whether you sit on the floor immediately, or gently subside towards it. I hope the sofa turns up on time; we’ve invited my parents for Christmas Day, and while they’re game for most things, I’m not sure comedy seating is quite what they have in mind.


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