PPP: petitions, pizza & politics

Tonight was Islington Lib Dems’ Pizza & Politics; this month our guest speaker was James Graham, the leading Lib Dem blogger. James talked about blogging, the leadership election and the challenges facing the party over the next few months. The pizza inspired a culinary motif, with James floating the idea of ‘slow politics’ (as in ‘slow food’) where we spend more time developing and involving people in campaigns. But he also praised Vince Cable’s skill as acting Leader, which has shown the best kind of opportunism in reacting to the news of the day. And we also touched on speeding up the stodgy policy-making process. So faster politics has its fans too.

Normally we talk about a specific policy area – affordable housing or access to higher education – so this was a change; people seemed to enjoy it as the pizza eating and discussion went on long after the usual finish time. Plus James works in Islington and has agreed to take a daytime delivery route; now that’s what I call a successful evening.

Before the pizza, we went out petitioning in Caledonian ward, collecting signatures on our latest petition. Since the collapse of Metronet, there’s a real risk that the cost of the failed PPP will fall on the tube users who were supposed to benefit. Hence the petition slogan ‘Don’t let the PPP (Public Private Partnership) become Passengers Pay the Penalty’. The PPP is another policy with Gordon Brown’s fingerprints all over it.

Caledonian is a Labour ward – in fact has always been apart from 2002-06 – so we were expecting to find at least some firm Labour voters. Not one. I think Brown’s strategists may yet regret not having that 07 general election.


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