In the pink… and the ginger

Like many people, including my colleagues at SirsiDynix, I’m wearing pink today as part of Wear It Pink and breast cancer awareness month. My mother-in-law died from breast cancer, developed in her forties, and diagnosed too late to save her. A generation on, women’s chances after detection are much better, but early detection remains vital. Women over 50 are covered by the NHS breast cancer screening programme; but younger women are not included. So being breast aware and checking your breast health is vital. And for any men still reading, that applies to you too.

A few years ago, I’d have been hard-pressed to find any pink in my wardrobe. Growing up with ginger hair, pink was a no-no, but my coppernob has mellowed over the years.  Gingernuts are in the news again today; apparently new research has found that Neanderthals shared the DNA characteristics of redheads, or, as Sky puts it, Shock Discovery: Cavemen Were Ginger. My parents are busy tracing the family history; it could take some time.


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