How green is Brown?

Today’s Guardian reports on

Labour’s plan to abandon renewable energy targets

Leaked documents detail strategy for climate change U-turn

It seems that John Hutton at the Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform thinks the 20% target for renewables is too tough for the Armed Forces and big business to meet. And he is arguing that the UK should work with the enviro-sceptics in Europe to get EU-wide targets lowered. 

Bringing the MOD into the frame may be a smokescreen – Ministers can use national security to plead urgency, while being secretive on any details. But also John Hutton has a constituency interest in defence; his Barrow-in-Furness constituency is the home of BAE Systems (formerly Vickers) who make nuclear subs. My brother Phil and I marched against nuclear missiles in Barrow back in the 1980s. Now the cold war is over and the fight against climate change is on. It would be shameful if one minister’s special pleading weakened not only Government but European policy on climate change.

The Labour in Europe website claims “Labour has shown consistent leadership in the field of climate change, at home and abroad, by setting bold targets and pursuing ambitious policies”.  Well it’s certainly an ambitious policy to push a u-turn on climate change targets while expecting us to believe the Government takes the issue at all seriously.

As the Director of Greenpeace says,  “Gordon Brown is now in danger of surrendering any claim to international leadership on climate change and would rather support nuclear power and scupper the European renewable energy target.”


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