Rebel, rebel…

Labour Party activist Ben Folley has written to the local papers in defence of Emily Thornberry MP, claiming that she would have been against the war had she been in Parliament at the time. 

I marched against the Iraq war and 100% of Lib Dem MPs voted against the war, while Labour and Tories voted it through. There’s little point voting for an anti-war MP unless you are voting for an anti-war party.

Since her election Ms Thornberry has proved to be an arch loyalist who has voted with the Government 98% of the time, including voting for ID cards and new nuclear power stations, for keeping the council tax, against reforming inheritance tax and for closing Post Offices. Funnily enough Mr Folley does not mention this.

Why is it that Labour members are most proud when their MPs rebel and vote with the Liberal Democrats?


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  1. Phil said

    Bridget, though you may have marched against the war, did you have the same view as Charles Kennedy in that once the war had started, you supported ‘the boys’ carrying out the mission? Did you agree with Shirley Williams statement, the day after the Commons vote, that “our troops deserve to be supported in the professional job they are asked to do by Her Majesty’s Government” regardless of the mission itself?

    And I like many local anti-war activists am not at my most proud when Labour MPs vote with Lib Dems. I note that a statue of the Liberal Prime Minister Lloyd George was erected in Parliament Square. I presume that Bridget not only disowns his decision to bomb Iraq , but as someone myself who was born of Irish immigrants I certainly hope Bridget would disown that particular Liberal Prime Minister’s decision to recruit and send the Auxiliary Cadets and Black and Tan paramilitary forces to brutalise a population seeking freedom from British rule in Ireland in 1919-21am sure many of your Irish constituents would like to know the same.

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