Who pays the piper, calls the tune?

The letters have started to arrive again after the postal strike – and not before time.

Birthday cards, hospital appointments, orders and payments for small businesses, all have been in limbo while the official and unofficial CWU strikes took place. While big businesses use commercial carriers, 94% of small businesses still depend on the Royal Mail.

In a borough like Islington, where there are few large commercial employers, but a thriving community of small businesses, you would expect our MP to speak up for her constituents who are losing out. But Emily Thornberry is strangely silent. Since being praised by the Socialist Workers back in August, she’s had nothing to say on the matter. No doubt this is unconnected to the £16,500 received by Islington South Labour party from the CWU since 2003 – details on the Electoral Commission website. Between February and June this year the CWU donated £277,627 to the Labour Party across the country. Ironically, in the week of the first postal strike in June, the Labour Party accepted £3,500 from the CWU to help pay for its leadership contest.

Ms Thornberry may genuinely believe that the postal workers are more important that her constituents. It does make you wonder just what she means by her slogan ‘on your side’.


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