Subtle subtitles

In the parallel universe where we are still on the eve of a General Election, I would be in a team meeting.

As it is, I’ve had my feet up in front of the TV, watching the news with subtitles on, while Richard watches the rugby. Live TV subtitles are an art form of their own, not a science. Presumably the news is scripted not ad lib – but it seems the subtitlers aren’t in on the secret.

My favourites of the day: `funding flaws` in lieu of `funding floors and ceilings’ when talking about the Government formula for council spending. And a US commentator with a startling take on the election timing, saying that Gordon Brown ‘wants to show the Qua’ida Prime Minister he is’; on second thoughts presumably ‘the kinda Prime Minister’ – but who knows?

A particular gem was a few weeks ago, the day Jose Mourinho was sacked. The subtitlers told us he was on his way to Stamford Bridge “for his good buys”.


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  1. […] license at all. Subtitles are a prop for hearing, not a substitute. For live TV they are often inaccurate, and for drama they lack inflection and the timings are all wrong. For people with BSL as a first […]

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