Loss leader

I’m still digesting yesterday’s news that the General Election is off. And completely baffled as to how badly wrong Gordon Brown has got it.

He could have used his own party conference to announce that he was uninterested in petty election speculation, he had a country to run, and then flown off to Iraq the statesman, leaving the Tories uncertain, divided, and out of the headlines. Instead he tried to keep his options open and lost any advantage.

The man who was so welcomed by his own party that they did not want a leadership election has first wound them up and then let them down.

The man who was going to sweep the Tories aside with his clunking fist has instead given his enemies first an impetus to unity, with the threat of an election, then an open goal by backing down.  Cameron, always uneasy with policy specifics and some of his own candidates, is back on a comfortable platform of attacking the Government with no pressure to set out a detailed alternative.

The man who was going to end spin and report to Parliament has announced his decision to the media first. And he hasn’t even handled the spin very well. By favouring Andrew Marr, he has annoyed the other commentators who are being even more critical in response.

The man who was going to unite talents from all parties to serve the country has taken a craven decision based on what the polls said for his own party. No-one trusts him now. It’s Gordon the goofer.


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