A day is a long time in politics…

Last night we had a campaign team meeting. This morning our tabloid hit the doorsteps. Ten of us spent the morning on our student voter registration drive. Meral Ece our GLA candidate and I visited the site where residents are campaigning for improvements to a dangerous junction. Pub lunch with the team in Clerkenwell (at the ever-excellent Peasant).

After lunch, on to the Islington Freedom Fest at Highbury Fields. Lots of glad-handing, photographs, and good wishes for the election ahead. Then round to our clerical team HQ for tea and to join in the sticking & stuffing. So far, so typical for a candidate’s Saturday in election time.

Then at ten to four, the first text came in from my agent; Gordon Brown is set to rule out an autumn General Election. We switched on the TV as the texts kept coming and watched it all live – while still bundling the envelopes: we’ve started, so we’ll finish….

My Dad – 50 years a Labour party man before resigning over Iraq – was always sceptical about an Autumn election. What’s not clear is whether Gordon failed to crush the debate early enough; or whether he was part of it.

This must strengthen the case for fixed-term Parliaments. Even in Eurovision, the winner only gets to pick the venue for the contest, not the date.


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