Save Darfur

A beautiful morning and we are busy getting deliveries out in Barnsbury. I bumped into an old friend who is angry about ID cards and more determined to vote Lib Dem than ever; and another friend who is normally a Tory but will vote for us in Islington. No Brown bounce here.

Then it’s off to SOAS for their Freshers’ Fair. The college buildings are packed with stalls for everything from the Korean Society to the Cake Appreciation Society. The Lib Dem stall is doing a roaring trade, giving out Homophobia is Gay! badges and getting people to sign our Darfur petition. Mohammed Hassan and Mark Gettleson have done a great job. SOAS as ever has a fascinating international mix; from black British law students to a Norwegian bloke studing Chinese. Our Darfur petition is highly topical. The Labour government is taking court action to enable it to deport Darfuri torture survivors back to Sudan. It’s a disgraceful breach of the most basic principles of asylum and human rights. Small wonder that SOAS students are keen to sign up.

All the main parties have stalls. Labour pack up first, followed by the Tories. We’re still going strong when the fair closes.


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