Bin the bunny….

After the SOAS fair, I headed along Oxford Street to catch up with Richard & friends for a drink, and passed this demo outside the Playboy store. The ‘Bin the bunny’ campaign wants to highlight the links between Playboy, who are now marketing T-shirts to teenage girls, and the exploitation of young women by the porn industry.Porn is a difficult issue for liberals. Do we see a liberal attitude to porn as part of championing the freedom of expression, including sexual expression, which is at the heart of a free society? Or do we see porn as the undermining of human individuality, dignity and choice and respect for each person, which is also at the heart of liberalism? And debating these issues becomes even more difficult in a media climate where campaigners on either side are charicatured as perverts or killjoys.

I took a ‘bin the bunny’ sticker. ‘Bin the bunny’ is not the same as ‘ban the bunny’. Consumers should be free to make informed choices. Porn does buy one person’s pleasure at the expense of another’s pain. Playboy may be at the soft end of the porn spectrum; but by making porn fluffy, they are obscuring many of the realities of their industry.


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  1. Where does exploitation begin?

    As far as I’m concerned, so long as force is not being used and there is informed consent there is no exploitation in any meaningful sense.

    There is no undermining of individuality or dignity and you have to make a choice to enter porn (unless force is used, in which case a crime has been committed)

    If you feel people have no other option, then its the underlying causes which need to be tackled, but I am sure you will always get people using their bodies to make money.

    That said, a campaign to get consumers to boycott Playboy or similar is fine, so long as it doesn’t become using political pressure to reach its ends.
    I do feel very uncomfortable with young girls wearing Playboy apparel and I wouldn’t want a daughter of mine wearing it.

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