Real women >0

I spent an hour this morning working on the Real Women >0 campaign. I am lobbying fashion retailers operating in our area about the issue of women’s sizing and the role models provided by the fashion industry.

The SizeUK survey in 2005 found that the average size for women in the UK is now bust 38.5″, waist 34″ and hips 40.5″, which is between UK dress sizes 14 and 16. Yet the role models held up by the fashion industry are typically UK size 8 or below. There has been a lot of attention given to London Fashion Week and the models shown by top designers. Yet high street & high fashion retailers have an even greater influence; their advertisements and shop windows are the backdrop to our lives, and confront us when we shop for clothes.

I want real women to have a real choice of fashionable clothes – and a positive range of role models. This is not about banning size 0; but it is about asking the fashion industry to see itself as the consumer sees it, and better reflect the real women who are their customers. After all, without us, there is no business.

That’s why I have launched the Real Women >0 campaign, to ask fashion retailers to reflect real women in their advertising and shop windows.

I am contacting all the fashion retailers represented in my home area, Islington, and asking three simple questions:

– what range of sizes do you stock?

– what range of sizes are pictured in your advertising?

– what range of sizes are featured in your mannequins/window displays?

We will be posting the replies – or lack of reply – on the campaign webpage.  


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