Party time

Two parties today – firstly with Keith & David and friends in Barnsbury, to celebrate David’s birthday. Drinks in the garden, and conversation about fireworks, choirs, and the likely date of the General Election. I meet a supporter who turns out to have a brilliant poster site…

Then on to Homerton for a Hackney Lib Dem do with Meral Ece speaking on multi-cultural London. Lots of other Lib Dems including 3 would-be Euro candidates and 1 Mayoral hopeful. More drinks in another lovely garden, and conversation about Europe, neuro-linguistic programming – and the likely date of the General Election.

Of course, no-one knows when it will be – and those most likely to know are saying least. It’s a bit like training for a run without knowing when the race will be. Or rehearsing without knowing what date the show opens. Nerve-wracking – but we’re as ready as we can be.Most governments have fixed terms as does every other elected tier of government in the UK. What’s the justification for Westminter to be any different? It’s an undemocratic anomaly for the party in power to pick when the rest of us have the chance to vote – but at least it makes for some lively discussion.

Presbyterian Gordon has turned out to be an unlikely bookies’ friend; first deregulating gambling; then introducing super casinos; and now political betting gone mad on the likley election date. And that’s without the biggest personal debt levels in Western Europe, pension crises and Northern Rock. Under Gordon we’re all gamblers now.

It’s Mum’s birthday today as well as David’s. I’ll see her on Tuesday but phoned tonight – Mum’s just back from a Readers’ conference at London Colney; retirement is an unknown concept to her!
She and I now both have ages which match the numbers of Islington buses, at least until next year.


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