Angel cake

I’ve got my feet up after a long day at the Angel Canal Festival. It’s the 21st year of the Festival which transforms the towpath and streets around City Road Basin from a quiet corner of Islington to the nearest thing we have to a village fete. At its heart is the canal and the Angel narrowboats which provide trips & treats to local children all year round.

The Lib Dem cake & campaigning stall on Graham Street was a great success. We sold cakes and jam, collected signatures on our petitions, and even had ‘guess the name of the teddy’ (answer = James). Visitors to the stall included the Mayor of Islington, and the pearly Queen & Prince of Islington and Queen of Hackney. We saw lots of frined, Richard & I grabbed a quick drink at the Charles Lamb – and the sun shone all day.

I enjoy the Festival every year but this was my first as a stall-holder. We we still got a chance to visit the other stalls, including Friends of the Earth, where I renewed my sign-up to the ‘Big Ask’ campaign.
Last year Friend of the Earth supporters got the Government to promise a Bill on Climate Change. But now we need to know it will actually do the job. FoE’s ‘Big Ask’ campaign says the Climate Change Bill must:– reduce emissions every year so the UK reaches a target of at least 80% cuts by 2050– include annual targets so politicians can’t blame preceding Governments for missed targets
– include emissions from international aviation and shipping.It will be interesting to see how much of this the Government actually delivers…. The ‘Big Ask’ is at


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